Custom Machines

We bring equipment to life that provides you with years of reliable service.

Pictured above is an assembly machine that has been fitted with a nut-runner and aluminum nests.
All of our material handling and welding robot cells are built in-house, and can be designed to fit numerous application.

These three specialized machines were made to laser-etch CVT transmission torque-converters. They are pictured above after having been thoroughly tested and loaded for shipment.

The machine above is a press designed to insert bushings.
Pictured above is a precision punch-die machine, able to accurately and consistently punch a hole pattern into a convex surface.
This assembly machine is fitted with custom machined Delrin(Polyoxymethylene) clip insertion posts.

This sizable machine is used to stress-test overhead hoist and crane equipment, it was designed and fabricated completely by Alto Precision Inc.

This degater machine is designed to trim off the excess plastic left on each part from the plastic injection-molding process.
Above is another example of one of our integrated weld cells.
Pictured above is an orbital riveting machine. This machine may not  seem impressive, but it’s astonishingly consistent part production is something to behold.

Let’s make something together.

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