Robot Integration

Alto Precision works closely with our customers to integrate robotic systems, along with their end of arm tools, providing appropriate solutions to accommodate your needs.

This is a view from the far end of a material handling/welding robot cell. These two robots were manufactured by ABB, and are affixed with pinch-welding end-of-arm tools.
Pictured above is a wide-angle look inside of a weld-cell. the Fanuc robot is placed between two Alto Precision Inc. built weld fixtures.

The video above is of a small pick-and-place Fanuc robot. The vacuum end-of-arm tooling was designed and built by Alto Precision Inc.

This Robot is part of a spot-welding cell with a large Fanuc robot as it’s center-piece. This robot cell was designed and programmed by one of our in-house engineers.

This video highlights the capabilities of a weld cell built by Alto Precision. This cell was designed, built, and programmed in-house.

This vacuum end-of-arm tool was built to grip plastic production parts while attached to a Fanuc robot.

This end-of-arm tool is made entirely of stainless steel, and is used to insert sheet metal components into a high-temp oven for heat-treat.

The rendering above was created with Robot Studio by one of our in-house engineers.

Let’s make something together.

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