Our Mission

Dave Owen and his wife Jane started Alto Precision Inc. out of their home in Alto Michigan in 1982. Through hard work and dedication, Dave and Jane fostered a steady growth in both the size and capability of the company.

Eventually, Dave and Jane’s ambitious operation could not be contained by the walls of their small shop. They purchased property beside Clay Avenue Southwest in Cutlerville Michigan and built a brick-and-mortar representation of their continuing dedication to the success of Alto Precision Inc. 

During the past 35 years, Alto Precision has added over 60 employees, purchased additional real-estate, and added more machinery. Throughout the gradual growth of the company, Alto Precision’s ownership has stayed true to the integral traits that made the business flourish from the beginning; chief of which are quality, integrity, stewardship, family, and faith.

Alto Precision Inc. has proven its custom machine building capabilities, again and again, thanks in large part to a company-wide commitment to consistent quality and constant improvement.

The longevity of API can be attributed to a commitment to strengthening the company at its core. The life-blood of this company is its people, their complementary personalities, and the kinship that drives each person to strive for a precision product.

The people that comprise the Alto Precision family exemplify the antithesis of what makes a business withstand the test of time. Showing appreciation to our employees is just one way that we can highlight our gratitude for the symbiotic nature of our relationship.

Sharing meals together is just one of the ways that our team develops comradery 

Dave and Jane’s ambition extends far beyond custom machinery because, in August of 2002, Dave and his wife Jane founded The Pursuing a Dream Foundation. Their dream was to build a unique West Michigan organization that empowers children, teens, and adults with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors in a setting that breaks down barriers. 

In 2003 Jane and Dave took on two business partners via internal promotion. The new partners were Jeff Proudfit and Dan Owen, they too shared Dave and Jane’s passion for community outreach.

The continuation of Dave’s dedication to community betterment involved seeking-out volunteers and sponsors who are passionate about making it possible for disabled or disenfranchised people to participate in activities like fishing, sport shooting, and hunting.

Through the support of donors, Pursuing a Dream Foundation can fund special projects and events that make recreational facilities accessible to all members of the community. To date, Pursuing a Dream has raised over $500,000 in cash, goods, and services. 

Pictured above is a photo from Pursuing a Dream’s 2018 Get Hooked event in Grand Haven MI

Even before the founding of Pursuing a Dream, Dave, Jane, Jeff, and Dan participated in local non-profit and community outreach organizations. Our company-wide dedication to stewardship has enabled us to collaborate with numerous organizations while maintaining one common goal. Positively impacting the lives of the needy and disabled.

In addition to Pursuing a Dream, Alto precision actively works with the following organizations:

We have also been active (but less frequently) with the following organizations:

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