Alto Precision has multiple certified welders to accommodate your fabrication needs.

Alto Precision Inc. is no stranger to consistently welding stainless steel to tight-tolerances.
Paying close attention to the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Training our fabricators to recognize proper weld penetration is of utmost importance.

We regularly fabricate gearboxes able to withstand high RPM applications.
Our fabricators always strive for “the perfect weld.”
All of our welders have extensive experience welding numerous mediums. Understanding basic metallurgy via weld training programs, allows all of our welders to make the perfect weld every time.

No matter the size, each fabrication project is held to the tightest tolerances possible.

Above is an end-of-arm tool that has been fabricated entirely out of stainless steel.
Here we can see one of our builders using our Millermatic 300 Mig Welder.

We have the capability and space to fabricate machines of formidable size.
All of our fabricators are extremely adept at welding aluminum.

Let’s make something together.

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