Prototype Parts

Alto Precision will use various in-house design and engineering resources to aid in prototyping parts and operations in the manufacturing setting.

Due to the sensitive nature of prototype part production, we are unable to offer up an extensive visual history of our prototyping experience. Rest assured, all custom designs and licensed software entrusted to Alto Precision Inc. is kept confidential indefinitely.

To the left, there is a Solidworks rendering of an assistive fabric stretching machine prototype. This machine was designed to streamline a process that was previously done manually. The prototype we produced at Alto Precision Inc. was designed to automate a process that was not able to function ergonomically. The video below shows our completed prototype in action.

Pictured below is an articulating arm mechanism that was prototyped as a wear testing machine. This mechanism was mechanically engineered by our in-house Mechanical Design & Engineering Department. Using the aforementioned rendering, a composite wooden prototype was produced to show the small-scale effectiveness of the mechanism.

On the left, a fabric stretching assembly prototype is shown after a successful bench-test. The application that was previously used for fabric stretching was considered to be time consuming and inadequate. Alto Precision then designed and built a prototype that met the customers functionality requirements.

Pictured on the right is a prototype part that we designed and machined for a side-mirror assembly application.

Our 4 axis CNC milling capabilities allow us to produce complex prototype parts. The animated photograph on the left is an example of a helicaly machined part. This part was produced through a machining process that is only possible with 4 axis milling capabilities.

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