Alto Precision Inc. builds a wide variety of fixtures to accommodate your many needs.

This is a fixture that utilizes hardened components needed to withstand the force generated by hydraulic cylinders.
This is a fixture designed to gauge tolerances on exhaust manifolds after the welding process has been completed.

This is another example of our builder’s meticulously precise hard plumbing on the underside of a hydraulic fixture.
This is a laser fixture built by Alto Precision Inc. shortly after its insertion into the laser cell.
This fixture required specialized part clamping due to the intricate angle of approach of the laser cutting head.
Above is a leak-testing fixture, which is designed to force compressed air into a recently fabricated exhaust assembly. Its primary function is to ensure that the exhaust system is sealed.

When designing a fixture like this one, it is important to ensure it’s ability to withstand the build-up of the vitreous material inside of a laser-cutting cell. Note that the wires are covered with silicone tubing, and the sensors are shielded with copper guarding.

This fixture design utilizes both pneumatic cylinders & fiber-optics. We often run our fiber optics inside of protective tubing to prevent any damage once the fixtures are implemented into the harsh manufacturing environment.
The fixture above is a Cummins tube module nest, and it’s clamped and ready for insertion into an automated fabrication line.

Pictured above is a punch & assembly fixture. Note that the nesting is fitted with compact flat-pack sensors.
Our fixture builders are all cross trained as fabricators and assemblers. This allows for increased problem solving skills, thus decreasing overall build time.

Let’s make something together.

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